Youth Ministry

A message from our new Youth Minister:

Welcome to St. Mel Youth Ministry! Our parish welcomes youth 6th-8th grade to our EDGE program and our high schoolers, 9th-12th grade, to our LIFE TEEN group. These youth ministry groups are designed for teens to experience God in a unique way. Students get to fellowship with their peers, pray, worship, and develop a deeper relationship with God in a safe and welcoming environment. They’ll learn about our Catholic faith, the saints, discuss social justice issues, and engage in fun activities.

The team and I look forward to journeying with you!

"The Lord God has no one else but YOU. You'd better get off your lead bottoms and go out there and change this pagan world." - Mother Angelica

High School Youth Ministry at St. Mel's is presented through the dynamic and awesome program Life Teen. Focusing on a life enriched by the sacraments, Life Teen aims to bring teens into communion with the global church and lead teens closer to Christ.

  • Inspiration LA at Six Flags Magic Mountain (Fall)

  • SHINE Mission Trip (Early Summer)

  • Steubenville Conference (Mid-Summer)

  • World Youth Day (every 2-3 years)

  • Fundraisers (every other month)

Life Teen Meets in Hall 2nd and 4th Sunday after the 5pm Mass  -   All teens invited to come and make new friends and become a better disciple.

St. Mel /  Life Teen  9th  - 12th grade Ministry offers a comprehensive youth experience for younger and older adolescents. What is a comprehensive youth ministry? They have eight components to learn to love and serve God:

  • Advocacy

  • Catechesis

  • Community Life

  • Evangelization

  • Justice & Service

  • Leadership Development

  • Pastoral Care

  • Prayer & Worship

Catholic Youth "On Fire"   click on the URL below to see more youths on fire

4:35Catholic Youth ON FIRE! [ Live the Adventure | Summer 2016 ]

Schedule of Events for Life Teens


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Jr High School

Age Group:    6th -  8th Grade
Meets 2nd and 4th Monday

EDGE is a fun and dynamic experience which allows students in grades sixth through eighth experience and encounter Jesus Christ. Through catechesis, service, and outreach, EDGE meets young pre-teens and teens where they are at and helps them live a bold, dynamic Catholic life. Through EDGE, St.

Mel's Youth Ministry:

  • Creates a positive experience of the Catholic Church for younger adolescents

  • Helps middle school students deepen their knowledge and appreciation of what the Catholic Church teaches and believes.

  • ​​​​​​​Challenges young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church.

Edge Calendar of Activities / Jan - May  2020



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Youth Leader - Cathy Gutierrez -- 951-737-8140


St Mel Life Teen Pilgrims that went to  Panama Jan 2019



Our Life Teen Group - 2019 Panama WYD on Jan 17, 2019

Photos of St Mel Youth Group trip to Panama -- Jan 20  -  A spiritually uplifting and fun trip for all the pilgrims.