Saint Mel Catholic Church / Norco, CA


Fr. Gerardo Mendoza
Became Pastor on July 1, 2013 /  First term completed June 30, 2019.
2nd term approved by Bishop Barnes.
Speaks Spanish       (951)737-7144

Parochial Vicar:    Rev.  James Onyenani  M
1st term started Feb 2019,  term 3 yrs.
Speaks Spanish






Mary Silva Office Manager (951)737-7144

Noemi Amador

Office Assistant

Speaks Spanish

Mitzy Gonzalez    (951)737-7144
Office Assistant

Pastoral Staff

Emily Guilherme    (951)737-8140
Director of Catechectical Ministry

Cathy Gutierrez   (951)737-8140
Coordinator of Youth Ministry


Deacon:   Joe Vela  (951)737-7144
Speaks Spanish