Action for ParishPay to WebShare Transition

Link to ParishPay -- 

If you currently give online through Parish Pay, your account will soon be transferred to WeShare,  our new online giving provider.   This transfer ensures that your scheduled transactions will continue to be received by the parish as scheduled.

The security of your personal information is important to us.  If you want to make any changes to your account or adjust your giving amount, WeShare requires a one-time security verification to provide you access.

To successfully complete the verification process you will need:

     •   Your ParishPay User Name      •   The last four digits of the bank account or credit card that  is currently being used for your donations

And ONE of the following two options:

     •   The email you use to register with Parish Pay,  or      •   A collection name and the specific amount donated in the last six months

Once verification is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to our new WeShare site.   Please bookmark or save this link for future access.

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DDF (Mission Advancement)

 DDF Update -   As of   30   Oct  2018

  • Diocese Goal:   $64,436
  • Pledges Made:   $84,912
  • Gifts Received:   $76,266
  • Donors:   234
  • Percent of Goal:   119 %

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Online Membership Bulletin Announcements

Rev Fr. Gerardo Mendoza, Pastor

Our stated goal is to offer the gift of Membership in the Knights of Columbus to every practical Catholic man.  To help us achieve this goal, please consider the use of the attached announcements.  We are asking for your approval.  I am forwarding to you a letter with more details about this KofC effort.  You should receive in a few days.

The Online Membership Bulletin Announcements are forwarded herewith.  Recommended to be used by rotating one of the announcements into the parish bulletin, each week.  The reasoning is that as more Catholic men see these announcements and join the Order, the Knights of Columbus will become stronger and will be able to serve both the Pastor and their parish more fully. 

Worthy Membership Director Ed Greenwald (909) 228-0817 will be interfacing with your office concerning the Bulletin announcements to support KofC recruitment through the parish Web-Site.  This is eMembership On Line Recruitment.  Thank you for your Support.


In a culture that is often hostile to religion or public reference to God,
the Knights of Columbus provides inspiring resources to help
Catholic men grow in their faith and become better husbands and fathers.

Join Us – go to…


Deepen your prayer life or start a new prayer routine.
Here you will find booklets on praying the rosary,
how to make an examination of conscience, devotional prayer
cards, and guidance on other Catholic practices.
The goal for Knights is to grow in holiness
through closeness to Jesus Christ and his Church.

Join Us – go to…

the duty to defend

Knights are called to defend the vulnerable,
our religious rights, and our communities. It is our
duty as Catholic men to stand up for the values that support
the common good and form our culture. With the Order’s
experience and the commitment of 1.9 million members,
we seek to make a positive difference.

Join Us – go to…

Learn more about how the Knights of Columbus
amplifies your voice for the good of the Church, your country
and the culture by defending the timeless values based on faith,
family and freedom. Together as Knights, we can
help preserve what is good and true in our society.

Join Us – go to…


As the world's largest Catholic fraternal organization,
the Knights of Columbus supports issues related to faith
and the common good, especially in the areas of culture
of life, marriage and family, religious freedom,
and being the strong right arm of the Church.

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Knights of Columbus are known for their personal,
hands-on service to those most in need. While the annual
amount of dollars donated is impressive, Knights also pride
themselves on the millions of hours logged in labor for the poor
and the marginalized. In 2016, Knights of Columbus gave
more than $177.5 million to charitable causes, and
put in more than 75 million volunteer hours on worthy projects..

Join Us – go to…



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