Sorry  --  The Festival in April is cancelled due to general shut down of all Catholic Churches in the Diocese.  This is due to the Corona Virus.


Senior Ladies of Divine Mercy -

Will be having a cooking class the last thursday of the month..   CANCELLED until further notice


Legion de Maria

La Misa del Acies -   Marzo 22 a las 2pm.  Todos los legionarios y auxillaries son vienbenidos.  CANCELLED until further notice.   CANCELLED until further notice.



New schedule for ME weekends coming soon.   Watch for new info on our web site.
Apply by phone or questions:   909-521-1430


Encuentro de Evangelizacion y  Sanacion


Ballet Folklorico    -    CANCELLED  until further notice.

Se reunen cada lunes
5 - 6pm.   Beginners
6 - 7:30pm  Advanced




Thursdays   9:30 - 11:30am /  Pat Balough    H (951) 685-1737    C  (951) 965-3229   CANCELLED until further notice.


GRUPO DE ORACION   -   CANCELLED until further notice

Grupo de oración se reúne los primeros viernes a las 7 pm para misa y Novena


ENCUENTRO MATRIMONIAL   -    CANCELLED until further notice


Proximo fin de semana -   Abril 24, 25, y 26
Infoermacion:   Javier y Salome Maretinez    951-785-0166

Nos reunimos, semanalmente  con el propósito de crecer en nuestro matrimonio y familia con la técnica del diálogo.   El propósito del Encuentro Mundial del Matrimonio es renovar el Sacramento del Matrimonio dentro de la Iglesia y para la Iglesia.  Nos ayuda a profundizar nuestra relación cimentado en una comunicación abierta e íntima.  a veces los hijos de las parejas los acompañan a la reunión.

Se reúne el miércoles a las 7:30 pm.
Javier y Salime Martínez.
Llame al 951-532-8277 para obtener más información.

Los Líderes



Young Adult Ministry Group --  CANCELLED until further notice

Young adults ages 18-35 are called to
join a faith formation group / Mon 7-9:30pm.

The group meetings will feature
* Bible Studies
*Becoming Disciples of Christ


Online Knights of Columbus Membership Bulletin Announcements

Today the knights of Columbus can offer Catholic men the opportunity to join the order through e-Membership.   Catholic Brothers can use the attached announcement(s) and begin what will be a life transformation.  Do you want to make a difference (in your life and the lives of others (people in need))?  If so, the Online Membership Bulletin Announcements can help you begin that journey.  This is e-Membersip On line Recruitment.  Read on and explore the announcements.

Contact Council #11837 Membership Director Ed Greenwald at or (909) 228-0817 should you have any questions following your examination of the announcement(s) content.

Joseph Barron GK


As the world's largest Catholic fraternal organization,
the Knights of Columbus supports issues related to faith
and the common good, especially in the areas of culture
of life, marriage and family, religious freedom,
and being the strong right arm of the Church.

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