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Pastor:    Gerardo Mendoza Became Pastor on July 1, 2013 /  First term completed

June 30, 2019.   2nd term approved by Bishop Barnes.

See staff page for staff members


St Mel Church is Open Again for Holy Mass and Confession !!!  -  But not as before.   
Read the rules for attendance.    Mass schedule as usual but limited to 100 each mass.  First come first served.   Confession:   Sat / Same time

Daily Mass at 8am now open

La Iglesia de San Mel está abierta nuevamente para la Santa Misa y la Confesión !!! - Pero no como antes. Lea las reglas de asistencia. Horario de misas como de costumbre pero limitado a 100 cada misa. Primero llegado, primero servido.      Confesión: Sábado / mismo tiempo

Misa diaria a las 8 am ahora abierta


July  -  The Great Month to Honor the Precious Blood of Jesus

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 Precious Blood Devotions

This is the great month of July to honor the Precious Blood of Jesus.  All who wish to honor His precious blood should follow the devotion by clicking on the booklet with His face and learn how to do the devotion.  There are so many promises made by Jesus for those who love Him and honor His precious blood.   Don't miss out on His wonderful riches and rewards.   Do this out of love.


Este es el gran mes de julio para honrar la Preciosa Sangre de Jesús. Todos los que deseen honrar Su preciosa sangre deben seguir la devoción haciendo clic en el folleto con Su rostro y aprender a hacer la devoción. Hay tantas promesas hechas por Jesús para aquellos que lo aman y honran su preciosa sangre. No te pierdas sus maravillosas riquezas y recompensas. Haz esto por amor.


Catholic Calendar

July  -   Devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus

St Mel - On Line Giving

A Convenient and secure way to Give from the safety of your home!

At St. Mel, we offer our parishioners the opportunity to make donations online through We Share.  You can schedule regular recurring donations for your tithes,  DDF donations, etc., or arrange one-time donations for these or for things like second collections or major projects.

Simply click on the We Share link below and follow the prompts to register as a donor, then set up your user name  and password to manage your donation(s), date(s) and amount(s).

If you need any help with getting set up with We Share, their Customer Support number during the COVID 19 lockdown is 800)  950-9952, then choose #3, then #2 to connect to a customer service representative.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to being able to join together again as a community to celebrate mass, Christ and each other!  Stay home, stay safe, stay well.


St Mel ON-LINE GIVING  (Tithing)



St Mel Donaciones en-línea computadora

¡Una manera conveniente y segura de dar desde la seguridad de su hogar!

En St. Mel, ofrecemos a nuestros feligreses la oportunidad de hacer donaciones en línea a través de We Share. Puede programar donaciones periódicas para dar su diezmo, donaciones al DDF, etc., u organizar donaciones únicas para estas o para cosas como segundas colectas o proyectos importantes.

Simplemente haga clic en el enlace We Share a continuación y siga las instrucciones para registrarse como donante, luego configure su nombre de usuario y contraseña para administrar su(s) donación(es), fecha(s) y cantidad(es).

Si necesita ayuda para configurar We Share, el número de Atención al cliente durante el bloqueo de COVID 19 es 800) 950-9952, luego elija el # 3 y luego el # 2 para conectarse con un representante de servicio al cliente.

¡Gracias por su apoyo, y esperamos poder reunirnos nuevamente como comunidad para celebrar la Santa Misa en presencia de nuestro Señor Jesucristo! Quédese en casa, manténgase a salvo, manténgase bien.


St Mel ON-LINE GIVING  (Tithing)



FIRST SATURDAY DEVOTIONS AND MASS  ---   Cancelled until further notice

Join Fr. James every First Saturday of the month for at 8am in the Chapel
in honor of Our Lady of Fatima.  Everyone invited.


Acompaña al P. James todos los primeros sábados del mes para las 8 de la mañana
en la Capilla en honor a nuestra Señora de Fátima. Todos invitados.


 St Mel's offering mass on Jun 21 to celebrate Bishop Barnes Birthday

Bishop Barnes to Lead Diocese for Additional Year

Bishop Barnes will continue to shepherd the Diocese of San Bernardino past his 75th birthday next June he announced.  "I will be staying on one more year" he told priests on Advent day at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish.   "It was a big shock to everybody," he said.   Everyone was thinking  the new Coadjutor would take over in June next year.  Bishop Barnes will be submitting his letter of resignation on his 75th birthday in June.



Coadjutor Bishop Alberto Rojas

Archbishop Christophe Pierre, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, announced on Monday, December 2, 2019 that Pope Francis has named Bishop Alberto Rojas as the Coadjutor Bishop of San Bernardino.
Bishop Rojas, 54, will work alongside Diocesan Bishop Gerald Barnes until his retirement and then become the third Ordinary Bishop in the 41-year history of the Diocese of San Bernardino.
Bishop Rojas is a native of Aguascalientes, Mexico has spent his entire ministry as a priest and Bishop in the Archdiocese of Chicago.  He will begin his ministry as SB Diocese Coadjutor in February.   "I have so much to learn", he said.   "But with an open mind, I am looking forward to working with all of you, my brother priests, deacons, religious men and women, the youth, parish leaders, eclesial movements, and all people of good will in this diocese."


Divina Misericordia

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  Our Catholic Faith and God's gift and purpose  of life is explained so beautifully by Fr Muller.   Take a little journey with Fr Muller as he shows us how and why we ought to live in Christ.   It will be worth a few minutes of your time to see and hear this story which all us should replay daily in our hearts.  Click on the URL below and enjoy the message in full color.



Encuentro de Evangelizacion y Sanacion
Vea Eventos / Anuncios



Daily Bible Readings:  Go to Devotions under Worship menu


Catholic Daily Reflections

Go to bulletin section of this web for more info

Check bulletin for info on:
Youth Ministry, Healing Retreats, World Youth Day

See below for location of our church + map,   contact us phone and other info


Diocesan Development Fund Campaign Progress

Diocese Goal: $48,075.00
Pledges Made: $72,028.00
Gifts Received: $51,016.60
Donors: 192
Percent of Goal: 106.12 %
As of: Jun 30, 2020 9:07PM


Registered Families: 2747























We the people of St. Mel's Catholic Faith Community, a rural, diverse, and inviting parish baptized into the body of Christ, formed by the Word and Sacrament, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, seek to evangelize God's people to be a visible sign of God's love.


Nosotros el pueblo de la comunidad de fe de San Mel, una parroquia rural, diversa y acogedora, bautizada en el Cuerpo de Cristo, formada por la Palabra y Sacramento, y fortalecida por el Espíritu Santo, busca evangelizar al pueblo de Dios para que sea un signo visible del amor de Dios.



Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is with great joy that I share with you my decision to allow our churches to resume public celebration of the Eucharist beginning June 13. I know it has been so painful for our communities of faith to be unable to gather together and partake in the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist. I thank you for your patience. In the
coming days, our parishes will be provided with a clear set of precautionary measures that they must put in place to protect health and safety, before they resume public Masses. The State of California has also released guidelines under which public church services can be held and we will honor those guidelines.
As we come back together again our experience of the Mass will not initially be what it was before the COVID-19 pandemic. We will meet in much more limited numbers; we will continue to practice social distancing; and some parts of the liturgy will be adjusted to better ensure public health. Those with
compromised health conditions, and those who are 65 and older and are not yet ready to join us at this time are encouraged to stay home and join their parishes in the livestream celebration of the Mass. In this spirit, I will keep in place the dispensation from attending Mass weekly in our Diocese. Let us receive this opportunity to be together again with patience and gratitude to  God, who has continued to walk with us in this time of uncertainty and fear. Let us also continue to support each other and pray for each other, especially those who have contracted coronavirus and those who care for them. May God bless

In Christ,
Most Reverend
Gerald R. Barnes

See Bishop Barnes Welcome Back Message:  
Click on this ----->   Bishop's message


Diocese of San Bernardino   /   Office of the Bishop

Statement on the death of George Floyd

We are living through a vulnerable time as we face the acute threat to human life in the coronavirus pandemic. In the midst of this we are now confronted with the death of George Floyd at the hands of law
enforcement in Minnesota. The images of Mr. Floyd’s death that have  surfaced are heartbreaking and disturbing. Let us offer our prayers for his eternal rest and that God console his family and community in this time of great pain. It is imperative that this matter be investigated and adjudicated with total impartiality so that justice can be served.  The wound that many are carrying with regard to race and its relationship to our criminal justice system has been tragically reopened. We cannot dismiss the outcry of the people for justice for all before the law. While we do not condone violent and destructive responses to this, let us, as people of faith, receive the justifiable feelings of anger, exasperation and despair that are being expressed with empathy and understanding. And, finally, let us ask ourselves, how can we take the lesson that we are learning about the value of human life from COVID-19 and apply it to this situation? How can we carry out relationship building without any walls of color, gender,age,economic condition, political party or other divisions that plague us? I invite you to pray over these questions.

In Christ,

Most Reverend

Gerald R. Barnes


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Photos of Alpha Event on Jan 15

What Is Alpha?

Alpha presents itself as "a basic introductory course to the Christian faith."

  • It provides a clear and non-threatening way to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people from all walks of life
  • It helps lead people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, within the context of the parish
  • It is ecumenical in that it covers the basic Christian truths shared by all traditions
  • It may be the most effective form of direct evangelization in common use today.[1]

The program consists of ten weekly meetings including a meal, a talk, and small group reflection; there is also a retreat and a celebration dinner, which serves as the introduction for the next cycle of the course.  Bring the kids.   They will be cared for during the event.

If you missed this event, you can email the Alpha Leaders below for the next Alpha event.  You owe it to yourself to come closer to God.

  The Alpha Leaders at St Mel:


Pro-Life Prayer Group

See my picture before and after my birth.   This is my Body

Join us to pray the rosary for the Unborn on all first Saturdays at 3:30pm in the Church (south side)


Also go to front of church for free pamphlets and prayer cards


Catholic Marriage Encounter new schedule.
See events / announcements



Mario and Paola Martinez will be heading up a new Diocesan ministry which will
focus on everyday realities of marriage, Natural family planning, Parenting,
Mental Illness, and divorce and separation.  Although there are ministries that
address these issues in part, this new ministry will serve as an information resource,
and a hub to reach out to those experiencing these issues and realities.


Mario y Paola Martínez encabezarán un nuevo ministerio diocesano que
se centran en las realidades cotidianas del matrimonio, Planificación familiar natural, Crianza,
Enfermedad mental, divorcio y separación. Aunque hay ministerios que
abordar estas cuestiones en parte, este nuevo ministerio servirá como un recurso de información,
y un centro para llegar a aquellos que experimentan estos problemas y realidades.


You are invited to add any announcements and events to the St Mel web
Please call or email Gil Bastien
H (951) 734-5125


  • Library in Hall in planning
  • Free Pamphlets and prayer material (entrance to church)
  • New solar light poles for west parking lot coming
  • Young men's youth group now starting-see events

Se le invita a añadir cualquier anuncio y evento a la web de St Mel
Por favor llame o envíe un correo electrónico a Gil Bastien
H (951) 734-5125


* El grupo juvenil de los jóvenes ahora comienza a ver los eventos
* Estacionamiento oeste plaza de aparcamiento adicional en la planificación
* Biblioteca en Hall en planificación
* Folletos gratuitos y material de oración (entrada a la iglesia)


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